January 18th: DAY 6 – So what can I drink?

Continuing on this journey I am almost finished my first week and I am eating up everything encompassing veganism… literally.

With the weekend arriving and social gatherings occurring, I needed to know what type of alcohol I could drink as a vegan. So I went to the LCBO and they told me that everything in their store is not vegan friendly. Not much help that was. So I continued on researching and found this site:


This site is wonderful if you are trying to figure out what booze is vegan friendly and what’s not. Apparently there are different filtering processes and some contain eggs or other animal products. For more information read here:


I was happy to find out many beers are vegan friendly such as Mill Street Organic, Corona, Molson Canadian and Budweiser along with many local wines such as Wayne Gretzky Estate Wines. As well as vodkas such as Absolute Vodka. So if you are thinking of becoming a vegan, have no fear, you can still finish your day off with a nice glass of wine!

Happy Drinking!


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