January, 19th: DAY 7 – Dining out

I could not be more excited for a pleasant dinner out this Saturday evening, in Waterloo, and catching up with some old friends. However when we made these plans a month ago I did not have the plan of becoming a vegan. Uh oh, now I am going out to dinner and can probably not eat much on the menu – what am I going to do? Nevertheless when it comes down to it, vegans probably eat out at some point too, other than just vegan restaurants. So I figured this will be an excellent learning opportunity in dining at a restaurant – as a vegan and eating locally.

Expectedly, my friends have excellent taste and have decided to go to The Bauer Kitchen (TBK) tonight in Waterloo (link below).  Fortunately, TBK uses fresh and locally ingredients in their food – check, not to mention we will be supporting a local restaurant and business – check. With now being educated on what alcohol I can consume, I have no fears or doubts in this region of eating out. Still, I am not expecting to find many vegan options and quite honestly, it worried me a bit. So I decided to look on the menu via the internet since most, if not all, restaurants now have this feature on their website. Of course, no vegan options, just like I expected. On top of it, the entire menu looks fantastic and just looking at the options of pastas, fish and meat makes my mouth water. I pondered in my head what could I do instead: eat dinner before and just have a drink? No I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. Come up with something creatively vegan from various items on the menu? No I don’t want to be a hassle for the server or the chef. This led me to phoning TBK and asking what they can do to accommodate vegans. The woman who answered was very friendly and helpful. She let me know that the pasta was unfortunately made with eggs but asked what exactly was I looking at, on the menu, and she would help accommodate. I would not probably pick this option if I wasn’t vegan but I am sure it will be just as satisfying and mouth watering (I will report back with a review, of course). But at least I now feel happy, worry-free and prepared going to dinner tonight, knowing that I will be eating local and vegan friendly food, which only leaves room for enjoyment, good times and good company.

Have a fabulous Saturday everyone!

TBK Link: http://www.charcoalgroup.ca/main8.cfm

Also, check out this awesome website that is partnered with foodlink.ca (which I have already talked lots about) http://www.explorewaterlooregion.com/eat/

This website offers many local restaurant ideas in the Waterloo Region.

Don’t miss this locallyvegan spread of homemade guacamole, homemade hummus, nacho chips, veggies, chocolate, olive oil balsamic vinegar, bread and wine (minus the white wine – unsure if it is vegan friendly but definitely local) that is super yummy and super easy to prepare for guests or yourself!

locallyvegan spread


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