February 5th: Day 24 – The Environment

One of the main reasons why I became locallyvegan was to improve my ecological footprint and to learn more about my impact on the environment through what I eat.

So I challenge you, where ever you go for the rest of the week, whether it be to school, work, friends house, library, coffee shop… start small and make you lunches or snacks waste-free. Then if you feel up to it, maybe make one meal vegetarian, local – or maybe even vegan. Use this site for some guidance:


And for all my readers out there, I have not yet read but am planning to read “The China Study” by Dr. Campbell. The reviews state that it is a book that ‘cuts through the haze of misinformation and delivers an insightful message to anyone living with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and those concerned with the effects of aging.’ My sister (the Dietitian) introduced me too it – she is currently reading it, enjoying it very much and recommended it to me.

Here is a summary on it from a vegan:


Happy Tuesday everyone!


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