If you don’t know me already, my name is Christine Streeter and I have been a vegetarian for six and a half years now. I was waiting until I found a town to call my own to start this “locallyvegan” endeavor, however it is taking longer than I thought to land a job and subsequently my ‘own’ town and community. I have been debating eating meat again, being that it is local and free-range. However if I did eat meat, I would want to know all the facts, terms and logistics behind what local and free-range meat really is. Taking it one step further, I thought “I have come this far, I might as well try going vegan before I eat meat again”. My inspiration stemmed from trying to find vegetarian chefs that I could follow. I then found Colleen Patrick-Goudreau who offers a “30 Day, Vegan Challenge” (http://www.the30dayveganchallenge.com/fe/29899-endorsements)

So I thought what better timing than now – the present. The start of a new year, new resolutions. Not to mention, my only two resolutions of the year (thus far) are to attain a job and read a book every month. Seeing as I have already read three books this month – and its only the 8th – I figured it would be a good time to start.

My objective for this undertaking is to fill these 30 days with knowledge, research, chatting and reading in regards to the benefits and disadvantages to eating vegan and locally. I want to do so through learning about the history behind food in waterloo, places to shop, and also social and community components to being a vegan and eating locally.

I have three main goals that I hope to accomplish when these 30 days are completed:

  1. To appreciate and be grateful (say grace) for my food. To recognize the journey this food has taking to get to my plate. This doesn’t necessarily have to be through prayer form. For instance for me showing appreciation for my food can simply be to take a picture and post it on instagram so my friends can join in how grateful I feel.
  2. A learning experience on struggles and revelations that vegans face, through simplifying my food and become a vegan myself.
  3. To gain knowledge and practical skills on how to eat locally in my city but also in others.

So mainly this blog is for me, to find out what fits in my life, my city, my surroundings, for my body and my upbringing. However I figured if I could help even one person, through my journeyreflect on the food they put in their mouths than I should share this blog. I would encourage everyone to do this themselves, not necessarily through blog form but whatever form fits their unique personality. I would also love to hear about your own experiences and/or recipes and tips on being vegan, vegetarian, eating locally, or even eating meat!


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