February 11th: Day 30 – Last Day, Wrap Up & Reflection

Today is officially my last day of being locallyvegan. My written reflection may be coming to an end but my journey definitely does not end here. I wanted to give a brief overview of my personal experience of this challenge over the 30 days with 5 main categories.

Physically: Today I visited my Doctor. He was so supportive on my vegetarian lifestyle choices. He actually stated that they are usually more healthy than meat-eaters. He wrote me a prescription to get my blood tested to see my blood glucose levels, iron, B12, vitamin D and cholesterol. This way I will have evidence in order to decide where to go from here in my diet. However,  with losing 6lbs and 2 inches off my waistline – why wouldn’t I continue in this healthy direction? (Noting here that I did workout 6 times a week)

Emotionally: In the last week I found myself craving less-healthy food more and just an overall feeling of being constantly hungry. More preparation and less attention to my calorie intake and outtake would have helped this situation. Overall, I feel healthy, less guilty of feeding myself with unhealthy food, stronger and definitely happier. Happier that I am making healthy decisions and treating my body like it deserve to be treated. What’s not to like about that?

Spiritually: Unfortunately this is an aspect that I was not able to focus a lot of my attention on. I would like to continue to grow in this area. To remember to appreciate every meal and pray. Overall, spiritually I do feel more of a connection to the earth, naturally and organically, which is just a remarkable feeling that cannot easily be put into words.

Economically: In total I spent $168.92 ($42.23 a week). This includes everything except for beans, olive oil, salba, flax seed, qunioa and baking ingredients that I had at home already. This also does not include any alcohol or eating out. But really when I say everything it includes all the essentials – eggless mayo, nondairy butter, soy sauce, red pepper sauce etc. I even included fruits and vegetables that my mother bought that I ate, and even the 3.50 nondairy milk I bought at my boyfriends place in Toronto (when I knew I could buy it at home for 2$). I should also mention I have lots of everything left over. Overall, this is top of the line vegan expenses. I didn’t go crazy buying everything I wanted but I didn’t necessarily have a budget. I definitely think more resourcefulness is possible and therefore less expenses.  Economically, the things I was buying were more expensive (i.e local fruit and veggies compared to grocery store) but it balanced out when I didn’t buy other ‘non-vegan items’, essentially things that were unhealthy for me. So if you are going to keep your old lifestyle of eating junk time to time but also eating more local, and vegan and vegetarian then yes, economically it will probably put a hole in your pocket. However, if you start to change your lifestyle, eat healthier, cut out the crap, eat more locally and resourcefully with less waste, you will find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Challenges: The times I found being a vegan difficult would be:

a. eating out – having less options

b. hungover – craving that greasy, unhealthy food

c. having company over – making vegan meals and non-vegan meals (double the work)

d. being so strict – feeling like everything I was wearing or eating might have been made with animal products

So do I feel like I met my objective? { to fill these 30 days with knowledge, research, chatting and reading in regards to the benefits and disadvantages to eating vegan and locally. I want to do so through learning about the history behind food in waterloo, places to shop, and also social and community components to being a vegan and eating locally}


Have I accomplished my three main goals?

  1. To  recognize the journey this food has taking to get to my plate. This doesn’t necessarily have to be through prayer form. For instance for me showing appreciation for my food can simply be to take a picture and post it on instagram so my friends can join in how grateful I feel.
  2. le face, through simplifying my food and become a vegan myself.
  3. To gain knowledge of eating locally and as a vegan lly in my city but also in others


Do I want to continue to learn and continue these goals?

No doubt about it.

Will I continue on this journey of eating locally and adding a more vegan lifestyle into my diet?


Do I have future concerns?

Of course! I am worried that now that I am not held accountable I could easily see myself putting things into my body that I wouldn’t have if I was vegan…. because ‘I can’.

Am I hopeful?

I am hopeful. I am a student of my own body.

I am also hopeful in you. We are in this together, to help each other, our community and the environment. So I hope this short blog helped you in some way throughout your own journey. I know your support helped me. Thank you, I am truly grateful.

The Kitchen is a country in which there are always discoveries to be made.” – Grimod De La Reyniere (Circa 1800). 

Happy Discovering!


2 thoughts on “February 11th: Day 30 – Last Day, Wrap Up & Reflection

  1. Christine, personally I feel you have paid much attention to your spirituality. Spirituality is not about praying. Spirituality as you say, is about connection to the world around you. Your gratefulness and your compassion towards the earth, nature, people, God and to yourself. That is what I believe spirituality is.
    So, good job my friend. Well done. Keep discovering on your journey to wholeness.
    Aunt Adriana

    • Aunt Adriana, I appreciate your kind words and reflection. This not only helps me in understanding what spirituality means to me but also gives me the affirmation that I tend to need in these difficult but interesting concepts of my life. So thank you. Christine

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