February 3rd: Day 22 – Exercise

Those of you who know me, know that regular exercise keeps me happy… and sane. In particular hot yoga. When beginning this challenge I was worried that I wouldn’t have the strength and energy to be able to; 1. want to go to yoga 2. be able to actually make it through the class. Luckily, this worry was for no reason at all. Just as I said my first week and my second week, I feel stronger than ever. Not to mention, I feel (and see results) that I am actually loosing fat vs. muscle. I have an upcoming Doctors appointment to follow through to see if this is actually true. In the meantime here are some excellent pre and post vegan workout snacks!


– Dried fruits

 – Banana or apple with nut butter

– 1/2 cup quinoa with black beans

– oats and raisins 

– Whole-grain crackers with hummus


– Smoothie (with fruit, almond milk, flax, chia seeds)

– Nut butter on whole grain bread 

– Brown rice with chickpeas, avocado and broccoli

–  Whole-grain toast with tomato and fresh mozzarella cheese


These are only a few options from MANY. Have fun and experiment with your own options 🙂 


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