February 4th: Day 23 – Third Week Review

The time flew right by me and I hardly even noticed that I only have one week left of being  locallyvegan. Similar to my first two weeks, my third week has been full of energy, strength and happiness – not to mention kinder on the wallet. I have lost a total of 6lbs now but do not feel unhealthy in any way.

As my time is coming to an end I have been getting a lot of questions on whether or not I will continue to be a vegan. As I reflect I think that being vegan can be a very strict word. So I think I will continue to eat vegan more often but I will not call myself a vegan. I will probably stick to drinking almond milk, not eating cheese, but probably eat eggs again. And when I do eat eggs, I will choose to eat organic, free run, local eggs. My life has only changed for the better on this locallyvegan challenge and this is why I will continue on this journey as often as I can. The only time where I have felt it is difficult to be a vegan is eating out and eating with company. This is obviously personal to me, it makes me feel singled out, uncomfortable, never truly knowing what people are cooking with and left out of the deliciousness that comes with eating out and with good company. As of right now these are the three instances where I will not be eating as a vegan but who knows what is still in store for my last week of being locallyvegan… 


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