February 1st: Day 20 – Diversity

Diversity is a sound strategy for a healthy life in the kitchen, but also at the intersection of the culture outside of the home”-  Martin Teitel.

Speaking as a frequent (but not quite nearly enough) traveler I have been introduced to many forms of extending the table, breaking bread, traditions or simply put – diversity. Such a wonderful concept that although we may speak different languages, something we all have in common is food… everyone has to eat. What a remarkable opportunity food gives us to say something that we might not be able to say. For instance, an invitation to friendship, rising, breaking, reconciling, caring for the earth and one another, honoring the everyday and celebration. I am truly amazed as I look back on my time when traveling through Europe, Mexico and even across Canada, to realize how much generosity, hospitality and the meaning of food within a community can bring so much happiness. This may be why I love food so much. So let food help you find happiness and spread that happiness with others in your community or when you are traveling – no matter what uncertainty, poverty or celebration you or they may be facing.

“Lord, today you made us known to friends,

we did not know,

And you have given us seats in homes,

which are not our own.

You have brought the distant near,

And made a brother of a stranger.

We thank you, Lord; your love be praised.

– Mozambique prayer 

Photo taken in Cuernavaca, Mexico while preparing breakfast at a Community Center.



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