January 29th: Day 17 – Second Week Review

During my second week as locallyvegan I have noticed similar revelations as my first week.  I am continuing to eat locally as much as I can, as a vegan in everything I eat, appreciating my food, praying for my food, learning something every day and overall just feeling better about my body and my choices. Physically I have now lost 5lbs but don’t feel like I have lost muscle. I go to hot yoga everyday and I feel stronger then ever in the classes. Mentally, I haven’t had any cravings but things definitely have become less convenient and this has tested my patience. When my Dad is making eggs and offering one but knowing I can’t have it, or when we had family over for my Mothers birthday and my sister and her finance made cannelloni’s, missing out on these meals was not that fun. However I know I felt better eating my vegan meal vs. stuffing myself with cannelloni, cake and ice cream but still missed indulging during a nice celebration. Emotionally, I am enjoying reading and learning more about everything involving food but am not doing as well as preparing my meals due to traveling. Economically I have spent another $15.00 which to me was reasonable, especially for trying out a lot of new recipes.

 Overall this week has been really fun trying new recipes but feel a little less excited than last. I have realized that being a vegan is very strict because there are a lot of things you cannot eat. Which is understandable. But compared to eating locally, I feel like I put less pressure on myself because I can make informed choices to the best of my abilities and resources. Without this pressure I have shifted my focus from veganism to eating locally which has allowed me to look into fun new things such as gardening and saving seeds which I will be blogging about next week – so stay tuned!

Here are some examples of my recipes over the past week: tofu scramble, tempeh bacon, tempeh BLT, kale chips, taco salad and vegan cookies. Here is the tofu scramble recipe 




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