January 25th: DAY 13 – Freezing, Drying and Canning

Yesterday I talked about eating food that are in season. However, we still want to consume those juicy fruits and vegetables that are not in season, so then what do we do? Well, we can eat frozen, dried, canned and food stored in local root cellars. In the book “True Food” by Annie B. Bond, Melissa Breyer and Wendy Gordon, they provide a lot of specific important details when freezing, drying, or canning your own food, which is very helpful. Below I put a picture of the fruits and veggies he names that we can freeze (bottom picture) as well as (top picture) fruits and veggies we can dry.

When faced with choices, I have come to the conclusion that this is the best logic that works for me: if you can’t buy local produce, freeze, can or dry your own local food, if you don’t have these options, buy organic, if you can’t buy organic, buy from a family farm, if you can’t buy from a family farm, buy from a local business, and if you can’t buy from a local business buy for terroir (purchase foods famous for the region they are grow in and support the agriculture that produces your favorite nonlocal foods).

However this got me to thinking, if this local food movement really does pick up, what about all those jobs as processors, packagers, distributors and marketers? Because as we know worldwide farms usually receive a few cents of the food dollar and most of the money goes to these middlemen mentioned above. So if we subtract that middleman or even decrease him a little bit, where does that leave him? Have we now put him in a bad situation?

“There are no simple answers to preserving farms and agriculture, but so far, farmers’ markets have been the most incredible solution going” – Elizabeth Ryan, Orchardist 



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