January 21st: DAY 9 – Traveling

Leaving a familiar environment and breaking out of your comfort zone is always a little challenging, especially when trying to eat healthy. I strategically choose this month to become a vegan because I knew I wouldn’t have to leave my home very much for weekend events or where I would find it more difficult to eat as a vegan and locally, for that matter. But as we all know… life happens. I have currently found myself leaving my comfort zone for a few days and retreating to Toronto. I knew this would be more difficult than eating from my own fridge, in my own home, with my own local and vegan ingredients. So what did I do? I packed up this food properly and brought it with me. Problem solved. That was easier than I thought, as long as you are prepared with what you are going to eat for you breakfast, lunches and dinners, where is the problem? If a problem did occur, you can adapt your habits and behaviors very easily. If someone offers you something to eat, read the ingredients, is the product vegan – perfect, you can eat it! If you are going out for dinner – choose a local restaurant in that city to support. It is all about adapting to the environment that you find yourself being placed in. With continuing to stay true to your values and beliefs, which for me includes, respect towards whomever’s home you are traveling to or visiting.  

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. “ Stephen Hawking 


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