January 20th: DAY 8 – First week review

My first week of being a vegan, who eats locally, is officially complete. I know I might sound annoyingly optimistic because believe me, a part of me really didn’t want veganism to be easy, but honestly this first week has proved me wrong. I haven’t run into many struggles this week, which might have resulted out of my preparation and research or maybe it is because veganism is really, not that hard. Physically, I feel lighter and healthier, I have lost a couple pounds; Thankfully, I haven’t run into any stomach problems and my favourite habit that has been broken is that horrible feeling of overeating. Mentally, I feel empowered from my local, vegan and healthy food choices. However, it was difficult to go out to dinner and not get exactly what I wanted to eat but to me that is a small sacrifice I was willing to pay – I can’t always be spoiled and get everything I want. Economically, I have gone over budget. So far I have spent 75$, which I have already talked about in previous blogs, another 30$ on other groceries, 30$ out to eat and 15$ on wine. This is more than I wanted to spend, however I have many groceries in my fridge. Not to mention, a lot of these groceries I needed to get were staples that will last me the whole month and longer i.e. eggless mayo, nondairy butter, quinoa, tahini, oats. I will weigh this factor into the end evaluation of my vegan diet. Eating locally has been even easier then going vegan, it is really just a matter of changing your regular behaviours and habits. For instance, if I need to pick up a few ingredients I will usually just run over to Sobeys or Zehrs but instead I choose local producers and most still are that convenient “one stop shopping” that everyone is looking for. Overall, I have noticed a change in becoming locallyvegan, but this change is only for the better…

Here is an example of a locallyvegan meal: creamy polenta with leek, mushrooms and brussel sprouts



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