January 15th: DAY 3 – Judgment

It’s Day 3 and I am still feeling the high off these veggies! I feel strong, powerful, healthy and light. Obviously its only three days and most of these feelings are probably mental but hey, I am not complaining!

My remarkable and considerate friend gave me a gift today to say ‘thanks’ for helping her with a favor.  She heard me say that my biggest concern during this challenge would be my cravings. So she went out and bought this fabulous book for me: Vegan Junk Food by Lane Gold. Not only did she get me this jam-packed recipe book of goodies but she also bookmarked a recipe and bought all of the ingredients (local and vegan) for me – how thoughtful! I made the “No-Bake Chocolate Chuck Banana Peanut Balls” tonight. They were so easy to make, only took me 10 minutes and not to mention – delicious! Definitely satisfying my cravings.

I am not only sharing this kind act on my blog because it pertains to my vegan research but also because what she really gave me, even before this gift, was her non-judgment and support. Fortunately, I am receiving grand amounts of support from family and friends and I am so grateful for it. However I know that everyone we run into unfortunately can’t be as fabulous and supportive as my family and friends. I wanted to talk about here, the judgment that is attached with becoming a vegetarian and/or vegan. When talking about differing views on eating meat or animal products, just like any other debates, things can get defensive. On one side someone is trying to share their values and on the other they might feel like they need to defend their actions. Being a vegetarian for six years, I have been in many of these discussions; some of them being educational and fun but others have been, well… I could have done without them. Choosing to be a vegetarian or vegan can unfortunately come with judgment because it is a choice vs. something you are born with. Not to mention, when you are out for dinner, cooking or eating with others, you might feel like you are putting people out, you might feel like you are different and being inconvenient.  These are some concerns that vegetarians and vegans may or may not feel and I am sure there are concerns that meat eaters feel as well. So why don’t we take a lesson from my fantastic friends and learn not to judge, but rather listen, discover and support. As a vegetarian and/or vegan, we are not asking you to stop eating meat, nor are we judging you for eating meat. We are simply living our values through our actions. So next time you get in a discussion with a vegetarian and/or vegan, listen to why they are doing it, most people are doing it for good causes. We are looking for your support, not your judgment and we will support your decisions in eating meat as well. 



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