January 14th: DAY 2 – Shopping Day

Although I did pick up some products 2 days ago to start my challenge off (20$ worth), for the most part I did all my shopping today.  I went to three stores: Dutchies Fresh Market (again), David’s Gourmet and Circle of Life Bakery – Grain Harvest. Below you will be able to find the links to these stores, as well as pictures of the products I bought.

Now I know I won’t be able to buy everything local but I am trying my best and if it isn’t local, I at least try to buy from a local store vs. a big chain store. In the top left picture below you will find fruits and veggies bought again from Dutchies Fresh Market. Their promotion of their products truly do work because while I was walking around with my free sample of Apple Cider on this cold day, I thought it would be a nice treat after a meal to satisfy my sweet tooth and I picked up a container. Here I spent $13.74. In the top right picture below you will find my baked goods from the Circle of Life Bakery. This was my most favourite place to visit today and I will definitely be back again. The lady working was so friendly and especially helpful in finding vegan friendly options for me. I highly recommend this bakery – I already tried a vegan cookie and it is delicious! Not to mention, the place smelt mouth watering and I did not want to leave. Here I spent $18.20. In the bottom left picture you will find my purchases from David’s Gourmet. Again friendly staff, but I didn’t find many vegan or immediately local options. I did find sugar made in Canada, to put in my espresso every morning, which is really cool. I am still meaning to check out their partner store, Fiddleheads, which I think may have some more vegan options. Here I spent: $22.45. I should also mention that in these 30 days, I am using things other items I already have in my house, i.e. various beans, oils, vinegars, spices, pastas. I don’t see a need to go buy more of what I already have here, I think that would be a waste of food, so I am going to use this up first. This left me with a fridge and cupboard full of fresh, local, vegan food that I am so excited to start eating (bottom right photo). Some examples of recipes on my menu these weeks are: oatmeal and fruit, making my own hummus and guacamole, creamy leek polenta, tomato sandwiches and tacos!

Therefore I have spent a total of: $75 on vegan and local food. However, I do hope this lasts me a while, almost two weeks (some products lasting longer, some shorter), spending $37.50 a week and $150 this month on food – perhaps more. But of course I will keep you updated on my budget. This got me thinking, how much does the average single Canadian spend on groceries a month? There are many variables to consider, dietary needs, income, location etc. But I would love to hear from anyone on approximately how much they are spending, of course if they are willing to share! Here is an interesting article on this topic, check it out: http://canadianbudgetbinder.com/2012/06/20/how-much-should-my-grocery-budget-be/

Circle of Life Bakery – Grain Harvest: http://www.grainharvest.ca/store/store/circle-life-bakery

Davids Gourmet: http://davidsgourmet.com/about_us



5 thoughts on “January 14th: DAY 2 – Shopping Day

  1. yum! this all sounds delischious! food really comes alive when its locally (generaly not mass produced), veggie! (or vegan) and truely fruit of our soil. I tried to go to Dutchies this weekend but seems they close shop on sundays. Worth it? I’ll have to go again? talking of price points how do you think they compare? Do you know where they get their produce? i haven’t looked into it much yet. Something I thought might be interesting to find out as we do have the farmers market option as well. I imagine their supply may be more wide spread in the winter months. Spending = $40/week but this is bottom of the line fresh eating (foo d basics almost entirely) and with shared meals with chris. I would suggest going to healthy foods and more too. I’ve always been fond of them and they are close to uptown http://healthyfoodsandmore.com/. happy eating 🙂

    • Emma! Thanks so much for reading my blog and leaving a comment, I love hearing your experience. I would for sure recommend trying dutchies again whenever you get the chance, if not for the sales prices (I usually only buy things on sale – check the deals out on facebook), for the warm welcoming they offer and overall experience. Obviously not all their produce is local, but they do include lots of local products. I am unsure exactly about the produce but they are really friendly, I would just ask. And thanks for the suggestion on Healthy Foods and More, I checked it out the other day and really enjoyed it (minus the price points). Take Care. -C.

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