January 13th: DAY 1

It’s about 3/4 of the day through my first day of being a vegan – so far sogood!

I accompanied my sister today at the Bridal Show in Kitchener where I had to say no to many cakes, candy, appetizers and goodies. However, in the end I actually felt better knowing that I wasn’t putting all this junk into my body, just because it is convenient and free. The end of the Bridal Show was probably the lowest point of my day because I was getting very hungry (and when I am hungry, I get cranky). It made me learn the lesson of bringing snacks with me wherever I go because this weak position could have easily been avoided.

The people who know me well, known that I like eating… a lot. So I did find myself getting hungry at many points of the day but was easily able to recover this feeling by eating lots of fresh, natural foods. As I was making my afternoon snack (smoothie offered by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau on the “30-day Challenge”) I was feeling very empowered because I knew how my food was prepared, where it came fromand that I am putting natural ingredients back into my body. Not to mention, knowing that I was able to control myself and didn’t eat everything that was right in front of me, which I found was completely worth it in the long run.

Lets hope the next 29 days run as smoothly as this one…

Check out this “Virtually Vegan Mama” not only does she have great recipes and tips to go vegan but she also has a list of other awesome vegan blogs: http://virtuallyveganmama.com/links



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