January 12th: …so what can I eat?

With today being my LAST day before I am vegan for a month, I decided to pick up a few essentials before the challenge began. I headed to two local stores today: Duchies Fresh Market and Healthy Foods and More. Below you will find the links to the stores. You will also find two pictures of the store Healthy Foods and More (top right: local maple syrup from Synder Heritage Farms – local farm, bottom left: front of store) – this store was recommended from a close friend. Here I found many alternative foods for those with allergies such as gluten and wheat free foods, other sensitivities; they also sell meat, vegetarian products, vegan and local products. I found this store a delight; lots of options, friendly workers and a nice homely feel. However the prices were quite expensive. For my vegan alternatives (almond milk and 3 non-dairy yogurt) it came to 9$! I could get this for half the prices if I was not a vegan, which left me unimpressed. Duchies Fresh Market is a store I pass everyday on my way to the gym (very convenient) and offer all local foods and meats. The sales at duchies are always great. My mom and I were able to get 3 grapefruits for $1, a big bag 5lb bag of lettuce for $2, a green pepper 79cents, 3 packages of mushrooms for 5$, 2 tomatoes for 1.29lb and 5 packs of blackberries for 5$ – all excellent prices. So after that shopping experiences I would conclude: local – 1, veganism – 0.

You will see the start of my fridge below, with all local and vegan ingredients. You will see everything I have mentioned (note the salad in a reused milk bag – a trick my grandmother taught me), plus flax seed, some soup my mom had made a while ago (weight watched 0 points, 0 calories soup – if you haven’t tried it already, its awesome) and a mason jar of canned tomatoes. These tomatoes were canned in the summer; we bought the tomatoes from the farmers market and made them with my family, a whole day event – tons of fun!

I know I can’t eat milk, cheese, animal products or eggs over the past 30 days…. so what can I eat? Well I can eat pasta but some pasta, i.e. egg noodles clearly contain eggs. I can eat bread, however the more commercialized bread is made with milk and eggs. Here is the good news: I can eat chocolate! Some chocolate is made with milk fat or milk powder but most is not. Chocolate is usually made from the coco from the cacao tree, how neat! Also my favourite protein bars (CLIF bars) are vegan – this made my day!

I have tried my best to eliminate the unhelpful from my fridge but I also replaced these things with helpful alternatives.

Duchies Fresh Market does not have a website but you can like them on facebook to keep update on all the latest sales: https://www.facebook.com/dutchiesfreshmarket

Stemmlers meats and cheese, sold at Duchies Fresh Market: http://www.stemmlermeats.ca/

Healthy Foods and More website: http://healthyfoodsandmore.com/

Synder Heritage Farms, maple syrup sold at Healthy Foods and Morehttp://snyderheritagefarms.com/

Clif Bars website – shows you what products are vegan, gluten free etc: http://www.clifbar.com/food/find_compare/



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